Young Companies Have All Kinds Of ‘How Do We…’ Questions

You never really know what some consultancies do.  Names appear on sign boards and in windows of offices and sometimes you see an advertisement or advertorial in a local magazine that features what this company does or that.    Business information services seems a rather baffling title and yet these very services are the stuff that can make a small company take on the aura of a big one.  Questions such as “Can you let us know of any firms in the South West with a turnover of say £8-80m” or “How much is the training market in Scotland worth” are vital elements of information for those working in fields that operate with that knowledge.  But knowing how to find this information out is not as straight forward as knowing what to actually do with it.  Something else that is very important for a young company o wrestle with is “Could you supply a job descripiton and suggested salary for a managing director” . . . .  Only a good, welle xperienced business services information agency or consultant will know how to presnet this information.