When Lux Business Model Is Too Caring

You never can tell how families are going to be affected by the blight of dementia – I know several older folk who are as bright of brain as ever and don’t show any sign of this ghastly affliction.  I’m convinvced now, with more hindsight than you can shake a cat at, that my own mother’s ‘end of life’ care requirement was caused by the poor treatment received in a hospital where she’d been sent for observations into very low blood pressure.  She’s now in a dementia unit of a high end nursing home and is paying a hefty price for the luxury surrounding her.  24 hour care if needed – meals brought to her and very little encouragement to get off the chair.  This luxury service is actually making her seem older and mor ill than she need be but her wiring has gone up top and she can’t think independently any more – because of extra fussy carers.  Lucky mum.