Sudden Pub Failure Causes Shock Waves

One of the surprising things of my summer so far is finding a pub in the middle of a countryside village that used to be absolutely busting out at the sides with folk wanting to eat and drink there and now suddenly it’s empty, with ‘to let’ hoardings all over it.   This is one of the tragedies of this cut and thrust world of massive profits over service and maintaining a fantastic village community.  This fact has really knocked me sideways – I only ate there with family a few months ago and we had great food, lovely friendly service and the day was really great.   This pub has stood in the village as the main focal point for centuries – claiming quite legitimately apparently, to have links to the civil war and the families on both sides in the day.  What can it be that causes a reall successful looking pub to suddenly and almost without notice, suddenly need to close its doors and cause such distress in the village?  If ever there was a need for good business advice, financial, staff management and the legal side – it’s this one here!