Shops Survey Of Customer Reactions Was Worthwhile

I was down at our fantastic new shopping and leisure development the other week – it being just before Christmas, there were of course hundreds of folk about.  that surprised me as it was a school and work day, yet there were many more people about.  This was good news for the shops and businesses placed there – it’s been such a difficult year for the ‘high street’.  To my surprise, I was nabbed to take part in a customer survey – paid for by some of the big shops there.  The questions were very detailed – they wanted to know exactly what I was buying, had I looked for the same thing in different stores for comparison purposes;  had I found everything I wanted;  were the stores clean and inviting to enter.   I could tell the interviewer was experienced at his task, and he looked slightly embarrassed – the survey could have put punters off but seemed a necessary activity if shops want to know these answers.