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Border Issues Disrupt Trading Discussions

We are bombarded with news items about our exit from european trading and fiscal ties.  The everyday running of governmental departments seem to throw up so many queries now that were never mentioned or thought about when the arguments were being bussed around the country in 2016.  Why was market research carried out on

A Holiday Illustrates Pride In Workmanship

Some pals who have just rturned from a short break in germany - one of the many thousands of trips taken a year by the fit and active pensioner community.  They had a fantastic time by all accounts.  Many things impressed them about the country and the friendliness of everyone they encountered in shops,

Dipping Toe In Local Marketing Area

When you have a really good product and you desperately want to be out there selling it and making millions, it really pays to know your market area.  Sometimes it is possible to try out sales on family and friends and once the product has started getting a name for itself, then the time

Knowing Sales Region Aids New Start Ups

In any line of business, whether retail or a commercial outfit set up for the use of several companies but with no public footfall, theneed to understand the the locality and it's strengths in terms of trading is critical - the road infrastructure will have a massive impact on how any store will make

Last Minute Panic Buys A Thing Of The Past

There are certain times of the year when particular business activities are more prominent than at others.  For example, there is an inescapable push for sales from August to mid December to catch the christmas and new year markets.  Traditionally we would be used to the tv and radio pundits to be referring to

Business Information Light For Trading On

Well that first quarter of the year has shot past with alarming speed.  Doesn't seem possible it's over three months since Christmas and the excitement that brings.  Those folk who carry out year end tasks by end of December have been reporting their yearly news updates.  Who has had a good business year, who