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Counting The Business Cost Of Heavy Weather

Well what an amazing summer we are having.  Amazing in terms of the very odd weather possible in one day / one week / one month.  It is terribly difficult to get a grip on how to prepare for working conditions when it is so changeable.  All businesses need to be wary of this

Making Business Case From Diesel To Battery

Oh how things change so quickly.  One minute we are being encouraged to look at the diesel motor as the next best thing for the planet.  The business world which feel as if it is governed by motor manufacturers, is very vocal when a brand new money making scheme can be taken advantage of.

Business Info Services Invaluable For Newbie Start Ups

There is something really exciting about the height of summer - especially if you're a sports fan.  Even more so if  you're even mildly interested in tennis, and of course, Wimbledon.   I am not able to easily hide my rather partisan support for one particlar player.  However, I am like that with other subjects

Getting The Know How Habit Helps Business Leaders

The average family person probably never has to consider any kind of business service information supply at any time in their life.  They go to work in a third party organisation, attending daily, weekly and taking their annual leave without even considering how the business side of their employment has come to pass.  This

Exciting Business Buzz Filling The Local Air

There is much excitement around the immediate area here.  For years there has been a rumour that a rather strange local 'ski' jump, of the old 1960s astro-snow design, was to be taken down and the whole of the area to be transformed into a fantastic lakeside shopping paradise.  This has been discussed on

Exciting Times For Businesses Start Here

Oh how exciting the world of business can expect to be from now on.  With the prime minister having had her letter triggering article 50 delivered to the appropriate departmental president and the expected hue and cry in front of the tv cameras from just about every country in the world, now we shall