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Grandmas Old Treadle Machine Brought In Income

I was watching a programme on daytime tv last week - not in my home but whilst waiting for a lady to get ready to go to the hospital.  Anyway, the subject matter appeared to be about a family in an old cottage - the grandmother, her daughter and husband, and their six children

Getting Customer Service Improvements

There are ways of keeping your business on top and there are ways of letting things slip.  Knowing where to get business information for your type and style of service is one area.    Customer service is critical and often overlooked by staff who cannot find ways to disuss and resolve disputes with customers who

Trade Information & Reviews Help The Many

I've just had some really interesting travels away from my home area.   It's only when you do move off to somewhere different, even for a few weeks, that you really appreciate the ease with which we can browse and shop for items in an instant.  We don't have to worry about not ever getting

Knowing Who & Where The Competition Lies

Making the most of your business potential is always the number one subject causing stress to the novice entrepreneur.  Having the savvy to set up a business in the first place takes a great deal of personal time and energy.  It is all too easy to get to that point whenthe business became active,

From Niche To Globally Aware – Be Info Savvy

So many businesses are out there, waiting to be discovered by a whole new set of customers.  The smaller niche business that caters for very specific printing needs for example.  The smaller company will always have to find the best ad most effective means of publicing their services - at the very beginning they

Colourful Leaflet Drop Creates New Business Thrust

I was chatting to a new business 'entrepreneur' last year - she had been the guest speaker for a social group that I support and after her very amusing and enlightening talk, we mingled.  I asked her a couple of questions about how she got her business off the ground - what sort of