One Man’s Business Is Another Man’s Pay Cheque

There are many different types of business out there, as we all know.  There is also a vast array of business services too.  In fact, it is quite an odd thing that back in the ’50s and ’60s, it was very much the posh thing for your father to be a ‘businessman’ in ‘the City’.  That is standard lingo for banker or perhaps a broker who worked in the City of London.   We do still hear that phrase but we no longer seem to link it with the sight of a particular make of rain coat or heavy woolen jacket and bowler hat.   It would seem that the bowler was the defining article that shouted Businessman approaching …….  We know a lot less about today’s businessmen.  There are as many different business services as there are types of business.  Those who supply advice to employers in the form of HR (human resources) management count for big number here – they not only deal with recruitment but also some divisions will deal with the payroll aspect and others will handle the employment law and contractural side of employing staff.