Local ‘In Your Area’ Magazine – Useful Business Info

Most towns and villages these days have some sort of local paper or magazine that comes out regularly.  We aren’t usually very aware of it, we read it and pop it in the magazine rack for someone else to peruse.  It’s actually a most useful publication, especially when we’re desperate for that plumber or the local garage service.  Without these little ventures, some smaller local companies would  have very little access to advertising as the usual agencies and online schemes would probably be prohibitive.    I was prompted to look at the small magazine that plopped onto my door mat last night – the first one since the easing of lockdown.  I was almost excited to see the lovely brightly coloured pages with exciting new companies desperately and eagerly promoting their services and wares now that business is being urged to get going again.  I see that it’s delivered free to over 35,000 homes and businesses.  Well that’s not bad for starters is it!