Helping Retailers Provide What Customers Want

Having just gone through the annual Christmas frenzy, I feel that a few moments of quiet contemplation on the whole sorry business could well be in order.  When I was a nipper, we had no computers, in fact we didn’t have sophisticated tvs and we most certainly were not hit by a constant barrage of advertising and Christmas focused activity starting in August.   The arrival of the middle weekend of Christmas as the start of our christmas was momentous and we looked forward to it with anticipation, and some idea of the faith based point of it all!   If all retailers, especially the huge controlling conglomerates, took some of the cynical commercialisation out of it, more folk would go back to the stores and enjoy the festive run up from 01 December.

Retailers now have such a fight on their hands to retain footfall – the online side has really taken off because of the sheer convenience of simply look, click, receive.  Business Service Information can really help businesses to see trends before they really get set in.