Grandmas Old Treadle Machine Brought In Income

I was watching a programme on daytime tv last week – not in my home but whilst waiting for a lady to get ready to go to the hospital.  Anyway, the subject matter appeared to be about a family in an old cottage – the grandmother, her daughter and husband, and their six children all living under one busy roof.  The cottage looked gorgeous as the camera approached it.  All pretty whitewash with a cob thatch.   Near the doorway was a table – covered with fabric of sorts and next to that was a treadle sewing machine.  The grand old lady behind it was very busy – making up garments for the ‘big house’ up yonder.  The big house employed everyone in this tiny little hamlet.  I couldn’t help smiling when the ‘ads’ came on.  How Grandma would have been shocked to know how much her tradle sewing machine would be worth in today’s terms.  No reviews for her type of equipment in those days – you just scrimped and scraped a living and bought the best you could afford – and my goodness it had served her well over the years!