When it comes to producing products in the UK, small to medium sized organisations can sometimes find it difficult to find appropriate suppliers to be able to sell onto customers. We have therefore focused on generated a large database of organiations that specialise in selling products through individual and specified channels, such as online (website / ecommerce), offline (shop front / retail store) and through third parties (which can include both).

With all of the mass produced junk on the market today people are in search of individuality, no-one wants to go to the superstore and buy the same mirror to hang in the same sized and shaped bathroom as everyone else on their street! The days where gift shops buyers fil shops with mass produced plastic tack with a name plate are thankfully long behind us.

When one thinks that any hand made carving had been painstakingly crafted by a tradesman using the unique characteristics of individual pieces of wood to depict form and function and how no two handmade carvings are ever identical.