Getting Customer Service Improvements

There are ways of keeping your business on top and there are ways of letting things slip.  Knowing where to get business information for your type and style of service is one area.    Customer service is critical and often overlooked by staff who cannot find ways to disuss and resolve disputes with customers who have a problem.  There are ways of sorting out every single problem that exists – it’s simply a case of discussing what has gone wrong, what the customer wants the firm to do about it and what the customer is prepared to accept if repair or exact replacement is not available.    For the managment team of any company to keep repeating their arguments as a way out of trying to resolve the dispute is really not on.  Time and again we hear how awful customer service is and the consumer programmes on tv constantly highlight how this has gone wrong and that. . .  then you get the bosses of the beligerent employee coluably apologising.  It doesn’t make for good business.