Expanding New Sales With Repair & Service Skills

I was sorting out a problem with my aged aunt recently and amid a thoroughly entertaining discussion on how things used to be done . . . . and the list was beginning to take over the entire visit, we touched upon how to get things mended.   We looked at the items she felt needed this action – my business services brain clicking into phase here.  Some of the giftwasre items were frankly beyond human intevention but her old sewing machine looked a more likely prospect.  Apart from looking up on the web about companies who supply sewing machines new, there are lists of folk who have learned over the decades, how to lovingly restore these fantastic pieces of machinery.  The wonder of the sewing machine is something not many younger households ever think about with the onslaught of fast throw away fashion garments etc.  In ‘the old days’ that Great Aunt refers to constantly, there was an urgency to the make do and mend mantra – war time restrictions made everyone so much more aware of every scrap of thread and fabric.  The machines were lovingly cared for as they often brought in the only money that could be earned for the family.   Businesses that offer repairs and service alongside new sewing machines wil help foster that pride in our business, engineering and manufacturing skills going forward.