Exciting Business Buzz Filling The Local Air

There is much excitement around the immediate area here.  For years there has been a rumour that a rather strange local ‘ski’ jump, of the old 1960s astro-snow design, was to be taken down and the whole of the area to be transformed into a fantastic lakeside shopping paradise.  This has been discussed on and off for so many years that it took folk quite by surprise when the little local community newspaper suddenly started showing interest in the discussions taking place and were now reporting from each of the public planning consultation meetings.   We have watched agog as each new exciting announcement has been broadcast on local news programmes.  It’s hard to believe that something is actually going to happen until it does.

The feeling of prosperity in this area is wonderful.   The big names investign in this new scheme are really huge – the rumour is now a reality and there’s a fantastic buzz in the air. If only it could be bottled and used nationwide!