Even Home Crafters Need Business Acumen

When you run any kind of small business, wherever you run it, there is a need for information about what the locality thinks of you and your company.   It is imperative to know that you’re keeping up with buying trends and that you will remain relevant for as long as you wish to be.  Having the right product, at the right price and available in different forms, sizes, genres etc. is one of the challenging matters raised when you think long and hard about the stock you offer.  Are you a home made crafter who has now branched out to sell yours and other folks’ goods – are these still  your own favourite items or do you look around and check that you are keeping up with fashions.  I know someone who is so earnest in her fund raising endeavours.  She makes loads of really superbly crafted home wares – table runners, patchwork quilts, cute little christmas stockings etc. etc.  Although her work is of the most amazing quality, I’m not convinced whe has ever really thought about who her market should be.  If she took advice from a cradting co-operative, or a small business mentor, I feel sure she would be guided away from the whimsical and cute, more towards the practical and modern family requirement.