Counting The Business Cost Of Heavy Weather

Well what an amazing summer we are having.  Amazing in terms of the very odd weather possible in one day / one week / one month.  It is terribly difficult to get a grip on how to prepare for working conditions when it is so changeable.  All businesses need to be wary of this incomprehensible weather – many involve outdoor activities which are then hit for six.  Those with warehousing and transportation, the weather is critical to their logistics planning – the poorer the weather, the longer the journeys and more fuel and man hours are used up.

This is where business modelling and forward planning is critical for new start ups.  Knowing that weather will be a feature to contend with, this has to be factored in to the running side of plans.  Additional insurance for catastrophic weather and public liability claims if we get something wrong on our patch is critical.  Business planning is not just about counting cashflow in!