Colourful Leaflet Drop Creates New Business Thrust

I was chatting to a new business ‘entrepreneur’ last year – she had been the guest speaker for a social group that I support and after her very amusing and enlightening talk, we mingled.  I asked her a couple of questions about how she got her business off the ground – what sort of marketing had she invested in.  Her replies suprised me – her business seemed to be mostly involving giftware, home craft supplies etc.  I asked if she was worried by the massive national hobby chain opening up at our local shopping mall.  She appeared completely oblivious to this.  However, she did say that she had a very loyal customer base who helped her by letting her know when they’d found her type of product cheaper or easier to acquire.  Networking helped her a lot.  But her first thrust was to pay for local gaily coloured leaflets to be delivered.    The outlay had easily been covered by the ordered generated by it.