Dipping Toe In Local Marketing Area

When you have a really good product and you desperately want to be out there selling it and making millions, it really pays to know your market area.  Sometimes it is possible to try out sales on family and friends and once the product has started getting a name for itself, then the time

Knowing Sales Region Aids New Start Ups

In any line of business, whether retail or a commercial outfit set up for the use of several companies but with no public footfall, theneed to understand the the locality and it's strengths in terms of trading is critical - the road infrastructure will have a massive impact on how any store will make

Business Information Light For Trading On

Well that first quarter of the year has shot past with alarming speed.  Doesn't seem possible it's over three months since Christmas and the excitement that brings.  Those folk who carry out year end tasks by end of December have been reporting their yearly news updates.  Who has had a good business year, who

Retail Specific Business Service Information

When you're running a business, of any size, shape and dealing with absolutely any commodity, there are other services, products that have to be utilised to enable your one to function at all.  Take a scientific equipment supplies company for example.  They have needs of scientific equipment as the product.  To generate this they

Knowing The Ways To Trade With New Partners

One of the trickiest things about business these days is finding out exactly what the client wants.  With competition so critical now, it is vital that the right questions are asked at the very beginning of any contract, quotation or joint venture stage.  In the old days, most business dealings were happily commenced with

Helping Retailers Provide What Customers Want

Having just gone through the annual Christmas frenzy, I feel that a few moments of quiet contemplation on the whole sorry business could well be in order.  When I was a nipper, we had no computers, in fact we didn't have sophisticated tvs and we most certainly were not hit by a constant barrage