Shops Survey Of Customer Reactions Was Worthwhile

I was down at our fantastic new shopping and leisure development the other week - it being just before Christmas, there were of course hundreds of folk about.  that surprised me as it was a school and work day, yet there were many more people about.  This was good news for the shops and

Spreading Your Services Too Wide & Thinly

There's never really enogh time in one working day to get every done.  You can scratch the surface of several jobs and do a bit of everything just to get the worst out of the way.  This is ok for so long.  You eventually get to the point where you've only done the minimum

When Lux Business Model Is Too Caring

You never can tell how families are going to be affected by the blight of dementia - I know several older folk who are as bright of brain as ever and don't show any sign of this ghastly affliction.  I'm convinvced now, with more hindsight than you can shake a cat at, that my

From Treadle To Fully Automatic Overlocker

One of the earliest memories I have is of my grandmother sitting at her old treadle sewing machine when she was having one of her 'make do and mend' days.  If I squint my eyes up very tight and really concentrate, I can further remember it was likely to be a Tuesday . .

Border Issues Disrupt Trading Discussions

We are bombarded with news items about our exit from european trading and fiscal ties.  The everyday running of governmental departments seem to throw up so many queries now that were never mentioned or thought about when the arguments were being bussed around the country in 2016.  Why was market research carried out on

A Holiday Illustrates Pride In Workmanship

Some pals who have just rturned from a short break in germany - one of the many thousands of trips taken a year by the fit and active pensioner community.  They had a fantastic time by all accounts.  Many things impressed them about the country and the friendliness of everyone they encountered in shops,