Expanding New Sales With Repair & Service Skills

I was sorting out a problem with my aged aunt recently and amid a thoroughly entertaining discussion on how things used to be done . . . . and the list was beginning to take over the entire visit, we touched upon how to get things mended.   We looked at the items she felt

Research & Promotional Campaign Checks

Whether you've been in business a month or several years, there is good reason for looking out for business and market research services to perhaps get your company noted in quarters that you'd not even thought about.  Retail and market review checks can help a company make significant decisions regarding corporate strategies.  Competitor information

Young Companies Have All Kinds Of ‘How Do We…’ Questions

You never really know what some consultancies do.  Names appear on sign boards and in windows of offices and sometimes you see an advertisement or advertorial in a local magazine that features what this company does or that.    Business information services seems a rather baffling title and yet these very services are the stuff

Even Home Crafters Need Business Acumen

When you run any kind of small business, wherever you run it, there is a need for information about what the locality thinks of you and your company.   It is imperative to know that you're keeping up with buying trends and that you will remain relevant for as long as you wish to be. 

Sudden Pub Failure Causes Shock Waves

One of the surprising things of my summer so far is finding a pub in the middle of a countryside village that used to be absolutely busting out at the sides with folk wanting to eat and drink there and now suddenly it's empty, with 'to let' hoardings all over it.   This is one

One Man’s Business Is Another Man’s Pay Cheque

There are many different types of business out there, as we all know.  There is also a vast array of business services too.  In fact, it is quite an odd thing that back in the '50s and '60s, it was very much the posh thing for your father to be a 'businessman' in 'the