A Holiday Illustrates Pride In Workmanship

Some pals who have just rturned from a short break in germany – one of the many thousands of trips taken a year by the fit and active pensioner community.  They had a fantastic time by all accounts.  Many things impressed them about the country and the friendliness of everyone they encountered in shops, in the towns and tourist locations.   When my chum needed to make contact with his office back home – more than his  phone could cope with, the staff on the hotel reception went the extra mile to help with this.  They also noted on every excursion, how much industry there is over there.   Every huge company has some prescence – a lesson for businesses here in UK.  They are immensely proud too of what they have done to restor their towns and cities after the ravages of the second world war.   They rebuilt their cathedrals and cities brick by brick.